Don’t wonder if…Wander Off!

Wander off is a magazine-style travel blog written for travellers by travellers…a pluralisation we are only barely justified in using in these early days, but that is the mission. To build the best network of well-travelled wordsmiths from every corner of the globe, philanthropically dishing out their well earned pearls of wanderer’s wisdom to make the world a better, more travelled place.

The best travel advice comes from those who have been there, done that and bought the singlet. And not from those paid to tell it, but from the blood, sweat and mosquito bites of people like you.

And if all else fails, I hope our stories can at least inspire you to take that leap into adventure. To clumsily paraphrase Mark Twain, don’t spend you life regretting the things you didn’t do. Don’t worry about your career, about money, about leaving your comfort zone. Don’t fear the idea of ‘foreign’. The more you worry about what ifs now, the more you’ll wonder about what ifs when it’s too late. Don’t wonder if…just wander off.

Who are we?

Wander Off is founded and edited by Sam, a freelance television and advertising producer who’s been clinically addicted to travel ever since he first hitchhiked to Latvia at 18 with 3 pairs of sunglasses, a jumpsuit, and a couple of D batteries in a sports sock “for protection”.

Sidekicking Sam in the task of bashing out these articles are a globally-based team of contributing writers he has rashly decided to call The Wanderers. Read more about him and the other authors HERE and how YOU can become one HERE.

Who is our audience?

Wander Off’s audience are predominantly on the younger side, with 60% of our readers being between 18 and 35. We’re more Toy Story than West Side Story. But then almost 25% of our readers are over 45, so you could say Wander Off has appeal across the ages. Much like Toy Story.

Gender-wise, our readers are split pretty much 50/50 week to week. As an English language magazine, the majority of our readers are from English speaking countries, mostly the UK but also the USA, Australia, Canada and Ireland. We also attract many readers from Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavia. Many of our visitors are travelling at the time of reading articles.