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Mexico Trip Tips

  • In Mexico the currency is the Peso. There are roughly 20-25 pesos to the Euro.
  • The emergency telephone number is 911, the same as the U.S. and the international dialling code is +52
  • As with the States, tipping is not just customary in Mexico but expected. However, tipping is generally less at 10-15% in restaurants, and much more appreciated by waiters here than north of the border.
  • Shopping hours are in Mexico are on ‘Mexican time’, they don’t tend to open until 10 or 11am, but stay open to 8 or 10pm at night
  • Almost all public toilets cost 5 pesos, which not only gets you the relief you’re craving, but a a generous, 2 or 3 squares of toilet paper. As my mate’s dad used to day, one to scrape and one to polish. If you anticipate needing more make sure you put either more paper or more pesos in your pocket before you leave your hostel!

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