Nobody trolls Trump better than Trump. The reality is so much more fucked up than anything any comedy writer could ever come up with, that he’s almost beyond satire. He’s Mr Burns, Mayor Quimby and Comic Book Guy all rolled into one big bloated orange ballbag and hastily shoved into an ill-fitting suit. A bratty, hateful, sub-literate, toddler in the body of a massive 70 year old sewer slug with tiny wandering hands.

This is the type of comic material that transcends language, culture and borders. Something to unite the whole world as we look on and laugh in sheer disbelief while nervously Googling ‘Anderson Shelter’. It’s like having Kim Jong-Il back, but instead of just hearing the odd juicy snippet of lunacy smuggled out of North Korea, this circus is constantly on our TV screens. It’s like having Kim Jong-Il on Big Brother.

We may be on the verge of a tacky Trump-branded apocalypse, but that hasn’t stopped the rest of the world prodding the paranoid, draft dodging, tangerine egomaniac with the piss-take stick. Even governments are jumping in on the action, although thankfully for radiation levels, with a little more subtlety.

In a wonderful imitation of the press photo showing Trump finger painting his signature on an executive order restricting women’s access to abortion surrounded by male advisers, Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister released this photo of her signing a progressive new climate change legislation surrounded by an all-female team.

(Isabella Lovin / Swedish government)


(Getty images)

“You can interpret it as you want,” Lovin’s spokesperson said. “It’s more that Sweden is a feminist government and this is a very important law that we just decided on.” I imagine the winky face emoji was missed off this statement in transcription.

The biggest trend however, was kicked off by Dutch satirical show Zondag Met Lubach, who took Trump’s ‘America First’ slogan and made a hilarious spoof plea for ‘Netherlands Second’. An introductory video to the country poking fun at Trump’s pathological lying, his love of racism, his Mexican wall, his tax evasion, and of course his habit of grabbing ’em “by the pussy”. All nailed with a spot on impersonation of the demented demagogue.

The Netherlands

The rest of Europe weren’t going to let The Netherlands lead the trolling charge. Or indeed be ‘Second’, if the Donald actually believes the video to be a diplomatic plea for collaboration, which considering what else he believes, is entirely feasible. One by one the rest of Europe all downloaded Final Cut Pro and started competing over who could troll the truth-averse sexual predator the best.

Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Lithuania and Belgium were among the first to jump on the bandwagon, with the trollathon soon extending beyond the borders of Europe into countries we didn’t even realise had a sense of satire. When even fucking Kazakhstan are joking about your backwards views, maybe it’s time to put down Twitter and read The Dummies Guide To Politics.

Here are some of the best so far:


Danish television isn’t all intense brooding crime drama, they also dabble with comedy from time to time. Talk show Natholdet jumped right in on Netherlands joke with a video about golden showers and his tiny…hands. “Don’t let the name fool you okay? The Little Mermaid is actually pretty huge. Not little – but HUGE, okay? Like your hands are huge.”


Strong entry here by those mountain clowns, the Swiss. Who knew! Deville Late Night boasted of Nazi banks, woman abuse and the KKK, a recipe for comedy gold if ever I saw one.

“We have the best flag. It’s a huge plus. You might know it. Your friends got their flag from us. And like the KKK, we also like to ride horses and burn things…”


Laikykitės Ten felt that second might be aiming a little high for this small nation, they instead opted to take the yet claimed for third place in Trump’s new world order of priorities.


From the country that gave us endless weiner jokes, the mullet, and a footballer called Kuntz, another great entry created by German late night talk show Neo Magazin Royale. Definitely no Trump-Hitler comparisons in this video, none at all. None. That’s fake news.


Trumped out? Here’s a short and to the point entry from the lace-loving Belgians at De Ideale Wereld.

Small penis joke, pussy joke, liar joke, golden showers joke, out. Thanks for coming!

…And they’re not the only ones. TV shows from all over Europe are jumping on the bandwagon, and where trends go viral, the click-chasing YouTubers follow in their droves. Many discarding Trump impressions, and even jokes, in the rush. and #EverySecondCounts have started collating the better ones though, but if you’ve not had enough bad Trump impressions just yet. Here are videos from some of the other countries that have joined the troll train so far…





Kazakhstan (obviously)

…and so on and so on.

Although sometimes, the subtle digs are the best:


By Sam