Armed with a brand new lens, Wander Off’s very own Cameraman Diaz, Adam Ferrari, takes his Canon 5D to the Asian pleasure islands of Hong Kong and Bali. The result? A video that’ll leave both your chin and and your pants sopping wet with travel lust.
Watch. Drool. Book.

Hong Kong & Bali

Having flown the nest to start an exciting Aussie adventure, a stop off in a couple of Asia’s hot spots felt entirely necessary. We started in the bustling capital of Hong Kong before bouncing down to Bali for a bit of cultural exploration and pure unashamed indulgent bliss.

After noticing a bit of camera shake during the edit of Mexico video I decided I needed to up my shooting game. So before setting off I made the very worthwhile investment of a new Canon 24-70mm IS Zoom lens, and thank the gods I did! The difference it made was priceless, unnecessarily shaky shots were now a thing of the past. For photography, non-IS lens are fine, but if you’re filming on anything other than a steady tripod, Image Stabilisation really is invaluable.

With SO much to see in Hong Kong and Bali, I found I went through as many as 3 batteries per day, and usually 2 x 32gb CF cards. So keep that in mind to avoid missing out on any of those perfect moments in your own videos.

MUSIC (in order)

MØ – ‘Kamikaze’
Tetris theme tune (dance remix)
The Him – ‘Feels Like Home’
Mura Masa – ‘Love for That’
Jamie XX – ‘Loud Places’
Martin Solveig – ‘intoxicated’
Kiko Bun – ‘Sweetie’

Hong Kong

00:00 – Air Bnb Apartment on High Street, Hong Kong Island
00:16 – City shot from outside the IFC mall (central HK)
00:18 – Neon signs around Temple Street, Kowloon.
00:30 – Traditional Chinese food from just off Temple Street. (There are loads of hidden gems, which look intimidating at first, but the food is undeniably brilliant. Be ready for the fast pace ordering and eating quickly!)
00:37 – Temple street market stalls – lots of cheap electrical goods and bizarre gifts.
00:42 – Tram from Central Hong Kong to Happy Valley – TOP TIP: Get an Octopus Card for any public transport, it makes it much cheaper. Also, on the trams, unlike on the MTR, you don’t have to pay until you ‘tap out’ at the end of your journey.
00:54 – Happy Valley horse racing stadium
01:06 – Traffic in Central Hong Kong.
01:10 – View of HK Island cityscape from Star Ferry ride to Kowloon. (You can even use your Octopus Card for this great 5 minute boat ride)
01:18 – Street performer (questionable) outside shopping mall on Kowloon bay.
01:27 – Back streets of HK’s Soho area (lots of cool cafes/shops/markets around Wellington Street & Bonham Street)
01:38 – Hong Kong’s longest set of uphill escalators (tick that off your bucket list!), taking you from the IFC Mall on 1st street up to Bonham Road.
01:40 – MTR ride on Island Line to Wan Chai
01:42 – Erotic water fountain strip tease (by me) outside Wan Chai station (may not be here during your visit)
01:50 – Cable car ride from Wan Chai up to Buddha statue & temple (Beautiful view, but at the top, it gets quite commercial, which is a bit of a shame)
02:27 – Shots of a different temple in Soho, Hong Kong Island (cheeky).
02:45 – Tai Yo, fishing village (get a bus from the top of the Buddha in Wan Chai, down to Tai Yo). Local town with locally caught seafood restaurants – quite tricky to find amongst the winding wooden paths, but have faith! (And wear mozzie spray, or you’ll get eaten alive)
03:05 – Hong Kong from the top of ‘The Peak’. Again, quite commercial when you reach the top (I think I spotted a Starbucks – boo!) but the view is incredible and you can hike up from the reservoir at the bottom of the valley – it takes about 1 hour.
03:06 – Time-lapse of the IFC building
03:07 – Travelling shots around central HK in taxi.
03:13 – Cat Cafe, Chai Wan – Free to enter but drinks quite pricey. However you do get to pet the family of cats lounging around. The owner is SO excitable (especially if you buy the adorable fortune cookies or talk to her about cats, which you’d think she’d grown tired of. But no.)
03:22 – Taxi up to ’Lover’s Rock’ (cross-cut with shots of walking up to ‘The Peak’)
03:32 – ‘Lover’s Rock’ is rumoured to bless those who visit with fertility and good luck in love. You’re supposed to bring an offering of red wine to leave at the shrine. We may have drank ours. (The walk from the nearest drop off point takes about 25-30 mins, but again the view from the top is spectacular)
03:47 – View from ‘The Peak’ (with tourist ice cream – modelled by my beautiful friend Annie)
03:52 – Shots of city from overground walkway between Star Ferry and IFC mall
03:55 – Driving shots from inside taxi
04:11 – CCTV footage from apartment – weirdly, we were able to spy on all activity from our TV – so think twice before you start necking on with anyone in the lift!


04:13 – Bingin Beach, Uluwatu.
04:26 – Time-lapse shot walking through beach path down to Bingin Beach. A beautiul, white sand, non-touristy beach. Equipped with hot surfers and friendly locals.
04:30 – Glitter modelled by Annie, and our first beautiful villa – Bingin Beach Villas
04:48 – Mopeds around Bingin Beach. As with everywhere in SE Asia, everyone goes around on mopeds. You alomst get funny looks if you walk everywhere like we did – but we styled it out, obviously.
04:50 – Non-poisonous, but no less terrifying, spider, in Ubud
04:51 – Rice fields of Ubud. A tour guide from Puri Sunia Resort brought us here to get stuck into some rice farming – amazing!
04:56 – Shots from inside Puri Sunia Resort during a massive Balinese storm.
05:00 – Walking down to Uluwatu beach at sunset where there are great freshly caught BBQ’d fish restaurants all along the shore.

By Adam Ferrari