Useful Sites

Sky Scanner – Great for looking for the cheapest flights, especially if you don;t know where you’re going. Search for your home to ‘Everywhere’ for the cheapest places to dart off to on a whim ***Make sure you set your browser settings to private, even if it’s just in that window. Flight search companies track your browsing and bump up the price of popular flights! …Because they’re bastards.***

Kayak – Much the same as Sky Scanner but searches via other websites. More pop ups but this sometimes means better results. Put ‘private browser mode’ on again.

Airbnb – People all over the world advertise their properties for you stay in. Ranging from crashing on a sofa to having their whole house to yourselves. The result is that you can search for and stay in accommodation all over the world that can sometimes be much cheaper than any hotels in the area, but is almost always more interesting. Yeah, you could stay in the Hilton, or you could stay in a fucking ice castle!

Couchsurfing – Like Airbnb, but free. As the same implies, this largely involves staying on people’s couches, and occasionally in spare beds, for free. Maybe buy them a few beers or make them a meal as a thanks and your debt is settled. It popularity has wained in the last few years when a lot of people realised they could get money for the same thing on Airbnb, but then a lot couldn’t be bothered with all the expectations of providing a paid service, so a free nights sleep is still to be had here. It’s a great way to meet locals too.


Travel Blogs, Magazines and Other Cool Stuff

Charlie’s Picture – Beautiful photos from Swedish travel photographer and perma-backpacker Phillip Charlie Malmqvist. Pure travel porn! You can buy any prints that take your fancy here too. Follow him on Instagram for a daily dose of world.

Cheeky Jaunt – A cheeky jaunt roughly translates from British-English as “a short trip because…well, why the hell not? I know I’ve probably got more sensible things to be doing but it’ll be fun”. Roughly. This is a travel blog by a witty traveller called Josh, full of articles and advice about just such ‘jaunts’. A lovely read.

Road Junky – A great online travel magazine, specialising in events and things-to-do around the world.

East By West – Cracking little travel trinkets and gifts. Wallets, passport holders, lighter leashes, flags, all decorated with stunning travel photography

Spain For Pleasure – Thinking of travelling around Spain, or working there? Go here. A thoroughly useful blog one of my favourite European countries through the eyes of a English ex-pat.

Why Travelling is Good For Your Health – You read that right! If you ever needed an iron clad excuse as to why you need to go off yet again, how about your health. ‘Do you want me to die? No? Thought not, I’m off to Peru.” Wonderful article.