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How to do… 48 Hours In Marrakech

Marrakech is frigging great! Let's get that out of the way right at the top. Lovely place. Can't speak highly enough. A city that somehow manages to be both only a couple of hours from [...]

How We Got Into Berghain, Berlin’s Most Exclusive Club

I last went to Berlin when I was 19. Just a poor nerdy history student trying to hitchhike to Latvia and the only things on my Berlin bucketlist were Checkpoint Charlie and at least 4 [...]

How To Travel Around Australia

If you're thinking of buying a car to travel around Australia, please read this article on how. Australia is a big country, the 6th biggest if we’re being pedantic. So if you plan on venturing [...]

The Backpacker’s Guide To Buying A Car In Australia

Look at that guy in the picture. Short shorts, matching vest and a cowgirl hat. That my friends, is a car owner. Do you think I could've got away with that ensemble on a public bus? Do [...]

15 Ultimate Travel Hacks

The travel hacks that'll make backpacking a hassle free dream... 1. The Fake Wallet You can take our Peri-Peri, but you will never take our Euros It's not inevitable that you'll be robbed [...]

Going Travelling? This Should Be The First Thing You Pack

You can live without pants. Sometimes I forget them on purpose just to live dangerously. And yes, suncream, flip flops and cameras are all very important but they're also items that only really have one [...]

3 Week Sri Lanka Itinerary: The ‘Bit of Everything’

The 'Bit of Everything' Itinerary: Trying to take in as much of Sri Lanka's variety, in the most manageable route. Sri Lanka has so much on offer for such a tiny island. A verifiable tropical paradise, it is [...]

My Submissions For ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’

This weekend I went down to sunny Greenwich to visit the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition. Partly because it helpfully combined two great loves of mine into one bitesize Sunday afternoon, but mostly because it [...]

How to Fix Broken Flip Flops

There are only 4 certainties in life; death, taxes, appearing on Come Dine With Me, and that the strap will tear out of the sole of your flip flops regularly and without any warning. Once pulled [...]