Travel The USA

USA Trip Tips

  • The currency is made up of dollars ($) and cents (¢) $1 = 100¢. There are roughly $1.10 to 1 Euro
  • The emergency telephone number is 911 and the international dialling code is +1
  • The electricity runs at 110 volts rather than the worldwide standard of 220 volts, so as well as an adaptor you may need a converter for some appliances.
  • Tipping in restaurants and bars is pretty much compulsory due to the third world wages waiting staff are paid, and expected in most other services. 15% is about what is expected, and a dollar per drink when served at a bar.
  • A oft-quoted, and even more regularly misquoted, statistic is that only 46% of Americans have passports. Therefore, the observer concludes, Americans are ignorant and close-minded about the outside world. But the thing is, compared to most countries Americans don’t NEED to travel overseas. Not only can they travel to both Canada and Mexico without a passport, but they have probably the most geographically diverse landscape within any one country’s borders. Yes, your average American is probably not going to win many geography quizzes, but they will welcome you as a tourist with open arms, open minds and a supersized enthusiasm.
  • On the subject of passports, the USA is home to the most neurotic border control on the planet, so if your passport was issued in one of a certain number of countries (i.e. anywhere in the Middle East, or with a large Muslim population, or ties to communism, or just one they think sounds a bit too darn foreign), if it states you were born there, or even if you have an entry stamp in your passport from one of them, expect to be humourlessly quizzed by a border guard with very little knowledge of the outside world and possibly put in a room for a few hours. But you should get in…eventually.

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