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Australia Trip Tips

  • The currency is made up of Australian Dollars ($AUD) and cents $1 = 100¢. It is currently roughly $1.50 AUD to 1 Euro
  • The emergency telephone number is 000 and the international dialling code is +61. They used plug socket type I, which has three flat angled pins.
  • If you’re going on a working holiday visa, many travel companies will try and sell you ‘startup packages’ to set up up with a bank account, a SIM card and other things. However, don’t be swayed. These are very easy to arrange yourself in no more than a hour or so on any Australian high street.
  • A Working Holiday Visa allows foreign nationals to work in Australia for one year. If you would like to work for an extra year you must have spent at least 88 days of your first 12 months working in a ‘specified industry’, and within one of these postcodes.
  • Many traveller rarely venture further than the Melbourne to Cairns east coast backpacker route. But if I could give one peice of advice when visiting Australia it would be to do just that. The east coast is lovely, but most of the towns could be anywhere, head north and west to discover what makes Australia unique.
  • Don’t be fooled by Fosters adverts, Australia is not quite the booze loving nation the adverts portray. It actually has very conservative laws when it comes to alcohol, find them out before you get slapped with a hefty fine.

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