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India Trip Tips

  • The currency is the Indian Rupee and there are roughly 75 rupees to 1 Euro
  • The emergency numbers are 100 for police and 102 for ambulance. The international dialling code is +91
  • India is a huge country and home to several hundred languages. However the two official tongues are Hindi and English, with many middle class Indians choosing English as their main form of communication. The British Empire made have had its faults, but it has made it much easier to travel around India in the 21st century.
  • There is a lot of fear mongering about ‘Dehli belly’ in India. The combination of ropey kitchen hygiene and spicy food playing havoc with Western guts. But in reality incidences of food poisoning or traveller’s tummy are no more prevalent here than in most other Asian, African or Latin America countries. If you worry too much about getting the shits you’ll miss out on one of the best parts of India, the food! Carry hand sanitiser, ask for no ice in your drinks and fill your bag with Immodium and rehydration sachets. You’ll be fine.
  • The train network in India is phenomenally extensive and ludicrously cheap, and something you need to experience if you travel India, although you will need to book ahead for anything better than cattle class. It used to involve quite a torturous registration process but has now been made a touch simpler. See The Man In Seat 61 for absolutely everything you’ll need to know. This is your train travel bible.

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