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Sri Lanka Trip Tips

  • The currency in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan Rupee. There are roughly 200 LKR to £1 GBP
  • The international dialling code is +94. For emergencies call 110 for Ambulance or Fire, and 118 or 119 for Police.
  • Sri Lanka is truly a year round destination, with each coast having wildly different wet and dry seasons despite being only a few hours apart. What time of year you visit Sri Lanka may well affect where you go. As a rough guide, the south west of the country tends to be dry from December to March, and is in monsoon mode from May to September. Whilst for the north and east of the country, May to September are very much the driest months, and the monsoon rains come from October to January.
  • Sri Lanka is also cultural a country of two halves. Most of the country is Buddhist and speaks Sinhalese, but the northern tip of the island is predominantly inhabited by the Tamil speaking Hindu descendants of South Indians who settled there centuries before. This disparity was the cause of the Sri Lankan civil war, which only truly died down in 2009. From a tourism point of view, this also means the north and east of of the country have been largely untouched by tourists and hotel developers until very recently, so it is a great place to visit.

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