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    In 2009, the State Council has sequentially authorized “The Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone (2008-2020)", “Hengqi General Development Plan”, Zhuhai has become the core city andtransportation hub city of the west coast of the Pearl River, and the development of Hengqin has been upgardes to a national strategy. Confront the historical golden opportunities,in order to accelerate the development of Hengqin,under the leadership of Guangdong provincial Party committee andprovincial government,with the sufficient research and demonstration, Zhuhai City has decided to construct the Shizimen Central Business District.

    Zhuhai municipal party committee and municipal government has authorized the municipal wholly state-owned enterprise: Huafa Group and its wholly-owned subsidiary corporation: Zhuhai Shizi Men Central Business District Construction Holding Co.,Ltd, to be responsible for Shizimen Central Business District’s comprehensive planning, State-owned land reservation, primary land development, principal infrastructure construction, major projects’ construction and the investment&promotion.

    Shizimen Central Business District covers an area of approximately5.77square kilometers, the total planning construction area is about 11,000,000㎡, the aggregate investment is over 100 billions, including 30 billions of investment from Huafa Group. It will rely on the close collaboration of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macao, and focus on building the Chinese supreme offshore financial center,it will mostly develop the industries of the international commercial service, the international business service, the international trade, the convention and exhibition, the enterprise head quarter etc,and will certainly become the platform which gathers the international and waterfront ecological medern service industry, will drive the powerful engine of the economic development of Hengqin New District and the west coast of the Pearl River, and will become the important carrier of practicing the national strategy of Hengqin development.