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Zhuhai Huafa&CPAA Grand Theatre
Zhuhai Huafa&CPAA Grand Theatre
Zhuhai Huafa&CPAA Grand Theatre is located in Shizimen Central Business District on Zhuhai South Road Shizimen, facing Macao across the water, dominating the Hengqin FTA portal. It is the first comprehensive stage of art performances built in line with international standards. It is also the international first-class cultural venue with advanced function and level. 
The total construction area of Zhuhai Huafa&CPAA Grand Theatre is 90945.53 square meters, with 57087.62 square meters underground, 33857.91 square meters on the ground. The British company RMJM, the leading company in world architectural design industry, took the lead to design this theatre. With distinctive artistic characteristics, it has the unique appearance of postmodern theatre charm, looking like Persian harp standing in the water when watched in the air. Architectural acoustic system was designed by the German company Miller Beim, showing a near perfect audio-visual effect.
There are a modern style opera house and a classical romantic style of music hall in the theatre. Concert Hall and Concert Hall share the audience hall, and has two VIP rooms and private VIP channel. There are 2 layers underground, with the stage warehouse area of 3 layers, mainly for supporting function room, logistics room, equipment room and motor vehicle parking; there are 3 layers on the ground, with local6 layers (equipment in interlayer), including 3 function rooms, public halls, various size meeting rooms, VIP area, the field museum office and service facilities for housing, equipment room etc..The theater was invested and constructed by HUAFA Group, run and managed by Zhuhai Huafa&CPAA Grand Theatre. The opening of the theatre is not only the opening of the new cultural landmark in Zhuhai, but also the starting point of enriching Zhuhai city development meaning and shaping city culture card. With the cultural quality of the whole city enhanced, the growing culture and art demand of the local people is met. It leads the new wave of Zhuhai culture. The operation and management of the company will give full play to Zhuhai as the core city of the Pearl River Delta economic and political status, highlighting its distinctive characteristics of marine culture and geographical advantages, with the idea of "high-quality products, high-quality art experience and high-quality art cultivation", to create a world-class theater and cultural platform and to urge the balance between western Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong-Macao-Pearl River Delta culture industry. With the central enterprises performing arts resources and channel advantages and local leading enterprises of the humanities and the advantages of the hardware, we should also have the local culture and art go out, become the palace connecting Hong Kong, Macao and uniting the world art culture during the “十博官网app” of first-class plays worldwide.