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Huafa Place
Huafa Place
Huafa Place is located in Shizimen Central Business District, adjacent to the Zhuhai International Exhibition Center. Huafa Place, St.Regis Zhuhai, Sheraton Zhuhai Hotel, Zhuhai Huafa&CPAA Grand Theatre, Shizimen • Huafa Mall, Zhuhai Center make up domesticrarel and marks of large-scale international exhibition complex, facing Macao across the river in the east, Hengqin New Area, next to Changlong Ocean Kingdom in the south, Zhuhai Free Trade Zone in the west, and Wanzai Port in the north. You will have a view of Macao on the West Bay Bridge, bathed in the sea wind, surrounded with sea and mountains.  
The Exhibition Executive Apartment has a convenient three dimensional traffic (sea, land and air), with about 5 minutes drive from Hengqin New Area and Wanzai Port, about 20 minutes drive from Gongbei Port and Zhuhai Railway Station of Guangzhou Zhuhai light rail, 25 minutes drive from Jiuzhou Port Quay, 30 minutes drive from Zhuhai Airport, 10 minutes drive from long International Ocean Resort, and 1 hour boat ride from Hongkong. After the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge is opened to traffic, it only needs 30 minutes drive to Hongkong.
Huafa Place was designed by world-famous Wilson Company, with the theme of simple, modern style to create elegant, low-carbon life. The total construction area is about 56 thousand square meters. The building is 99 meters high, with a total of 28 layers. There are four types including standard rooms, suites and duplex, ranging from 58 square metres to 220 square metres, with a total of 454 rooms. In Zhuhai it is currently the high-level residence hotel with extremely large scale, which can meet the multi-faceted customer needs of quality travel, couple vacation, family outing, etc. 
The guest rooms of Huafa Place have wide layout, elegant style and delicate facilities. Each room has a spacious and bright outdoor balcony, and you can fully enjoy the first-line Pearl Bay Sea view and beautiful garden landscape. Guest rooms are equipped according to the super-star hotel standard, with a walk-in closet in 60% master bedroom of the apartment. Duplex apartment is equipped with intelligent remote landing curtains. All guest rooms are equipped with a split type air conditioner, with low carbon to protect the environment; Meeting guests’ basic needs of living and cooking, the apartment is the ideal place to balance work and life, and the warm home to experience freedom and comfort. 
Covered with WIFI, the Exhibition Executive Apartment has western restaurant, coffee shop, gym, business center, ATM, conference rooms, a large underground parking lot and other facilities, with 900 square meters of the rooftop garden, where you can enjoy the beautiful charming scenery of Zhuhai and Macao. During your stay, a series of high quality and warm service will be provided, including 24h reception, booking shuttle, security, laundry and mail. It is the best choice for the guests to enjoy comfortable conference and exhibition, business and vacation experience. 
HUAFA - The Exhibition Executive Apartment looks forward to your journey of heart.